Asda boss criticises gov cost of living response - so why won't they pay workers properly?

05 Apr 2022
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB responds to comments made by Asda chairman Lord Stuart Rose [1], who slammed the Government for a “tin-eared and slow” response to the UK’s cost-of-living crisis.

GMB’s National Officer for Asda Nadine Houghton said:

“I’m glad that Lord Rose recognises the impact of the cost of living crisis on working people – but it makes me wonder why he thinks poverty pay in Asda stores is fair.

“Asda has offered its retail workers a real terms pay cut. As inflation is rampant, and household bills go through the roof, its workers cannot afford to shop in their stores.

“He needs to look closer to home on ways to help with the crisis facing working people.

“Asda needs to step up and pay their workers properly.”

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