Asda workers balloted over cuts and bullying

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Friday 26 January 2024
GMB Trade Union - Asda workers balloted over cuts and bullying

Wisbech Asda workers will vote in a ballot over cuts in hours and management bullying.

More than 150 GMB members at ASDA Wisbech asked for the vote to address these issues, along with poor training and support, their equal pay claim dragging on for years, and health, safety and fire safety issues being ignored.

The consultative ballot opens today [Friday 26 January] and closes on 9 February. If workers indicate they are ready for industrial action, a full strike ballot will launch shortly after.

More than 100 GMB members at Asda’s Gosport superstore voted for industrial action last month – the first ever vote of its kind.

The strike was suspended thanks to last ditch talks, which are still on going.

Keith Dixon, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“ASDA has lost its leadership, it’s direction and no longer values its colleague’s. The current state of the company is dire.

"Workers suffer slashed hours, a non-existent training programme, bullying management, a total disregard and lack of understanding for H&S and Fire Safety, and near to no negotiation with GMB.

“Most companies would be concerned when up to 4,000 separate fire safety and health and safety breaches were reported - Asda seems to be in denial.

“Blocked fire exits, blocked fire routes, blocked fire extinguishers and faulty fire alarm systems are routinely seen in ASDA Stores.

“GMB members at Wisbech are fed up and demand action. GMB will make sure their voice is heard or ASDA Wisbech could be facing a full strike vote.

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