British Gas strike ballot to start in December

25 Nov 2020
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Press Office

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British Gas workers could walk out on New Year’s Eve unless the company ‘takes gun off the table’

GMB has today announced dates for the British Gas strike ballot and possible first industrial action.

The ballot will open on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 and close Thursday, December 17th - with the first possible strike action to take place anytime from New Year's Eve.

Further strikes could be called throughout the winter.

The industrial action ballot comes after British Gas owner Centrica threatened to ‘fire and rehire’ 20,000 workers if they didn’t ‘agree‘ to accept draconian cuts to their terms and conditions.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary said:

“Let’s be blunt; Centrica tried to enforce pay cuts of around 20% on the workforce.

After over 300 hours of talks with the Unions they dropped the imposed cuts plan to about 10%.

“CEO Chris O’Shea now rants about GMB and our Reps because they are not prepared to try to sell his deal. That’s with good reason; it’s incomplete and unfair, especially for engineers.

“GMB members did not create the mess that Centrica is in, and it is wrong that all the risks associated with trying to turn the business’s fortunes around should be placed on the workforce.

“The message to Centrica from GMB has been clear all the way; they need to take the gun off the table, stop the threats and return to the negotiating table.

“GMB calls on Mr O’Shea and Centrica to stand up for their 20,000 loyal employees, their millions of customers and the 24 million gas users in this country by delivering a plan for growth that works for the company and is fair for the workforce.”

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