Cash industry crisis: shopkeeper sacked for helping elderly buy bread

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Friday 31 July 2020
GMB Trade Union - Cash industry crisis: shopkeeper sacked for helping elderly buy bread

The Government must take action to protect the cash industry and all those who will be hit hard is it disappears

The tragic story of a shopkeeper sacked for helping an elderly people pay for his groceries shows why the cash industry cannot be left to die, says GMB Union.  

The bakery had stopped accepting cash during the pandemic for hygiene reasons - meaning many of their elderly customers with no access to a bank card had to leave empty handed, including a 94-year-old woman

The woman - who has worked at the Bakery for more than 40 years - was sacked for allowing customers to put the money straight into her purse and then put the payment through on her card before showing them the receipt.

GMB Union has consistently warned of the looming spectre of a cashless society, which will not only cost thousands of jobs, and damage the lives of the elderly and the vulnerable as well as small and medium enterprise.  

Roger Jenkins, GMB National Officer, said:  

“Sacking a shopkeeper for helping elderly customers with no access to cashless payments is beyond outrageous. 

“But it illustrates the terrible damage that would be done to people’s lives if we allow cash to wither and die. 

"Aside from the impact on the elderly and vulnerable, it would wreak havoc on the small and medium enterprises that rely on cash transactions.  

“GMB is calling on the Government to keep its promises to protect the cash industry before it disappears and take action protect all those who face being hit hardest.” 

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