Centrica figures 'stark indictment' of failed strategy

24 Jul 2020
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Every time a crisis looms, Centrica directors’ answer is cut thousands more jobs

GMB, the energy union, says today’s Centrica figures are a ‘stark inditement’ the companies attempts to cut its way out of a crisis are not working.

Today's results show Centrica's profits have dropped 14% while the company has shed 226,000 customers in the UK.

Since 2015 the response of the Centrica top brass to their crisis has been three rounds of massive job cuts.

The latest, in mid-July the company announced 5,000 more redundancies, while staff have been told they must accept new conditions including longer hours, no overtime pay and reduced benefits, or risk being sacked.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary, said:

“Today’s figures are a stark indictment of the governance of this once great British company.

“Every time a crisis looms, Centrica directors’ answer is to cut thousands more jobs.

“Today’s financial results prove the strategy isn’t working.

“It wasn’t loyal engineers, call centre workers or admin staff who were in charge when Centrica lost three million customers in the last five years.

“Now they’re being told they have to carry the can again and they’re not prepared to do that anymore.”

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