Chancellor's insubstantial support will leave workers struggling

Posted by GMB Admin
Friday 9 October 2020
GMB Trade Union - Chancellor's insubstantial support will leave workers struggling

Billionaire Chancellor will today push many workers below minimum wage

Chancellor Rishi Sunak's insubstantial dish of support will leave workers in limbo, struggling to put food on the table, as shutdown shocks local economies.

Commenting on today’s announcement from the Chancellor, GMB Acting General Secretary John Phillips said:

“Rishi Sunak has today served up a dish of support that is too unsubstantial, leaving many workers struggling to put food on the table.

“In workplaces now forced to close, the imposition of an effective 33% pay cut will leave many without enough to live on and pay the bills, given how low wages were in the first place.

“For all the promises of levelling up, this billionaire Chancellor will today be pushing many workers effectively below the minimum wage.

“The knock on effect of these measures on local economies could be huge, with many dependent businesses in the supply chain escaping this raft of closures but not being eligible for a Job Support Scheme so poor, it is has been widely rebuffed by employers who have unsurprisingly not volunteered to pay 55% of wages for 33% hours.

“This panic measure has not been properly thought through and leaves too many industries and workers left in limbo land and ineligible through no fault of their own.”

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