Council signs vital equality pledges protecting 4,5000 workers

05 Feb 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Sandwell council has signed up to two pioneering GMB policies which will improve the lives of 4,500 workers.

The authority has agreed to abide by the union’s ‘Menstruation to Menopause’ policy and the ‘Reasonable Adjustments Passport’(RAP).

The Menstruation to Menopause policy pledges to ‘provide appropriate support to women who are experiencing menstruation and menopause’ – including trans and non-binary people.

The RAP meanwhile ensures the council will carry out its legal duty to make – and keep in place – the reasonable adjustments disabled staff need to do their jobs.

Sarah James, Sandwell GMB Branch Equality Officer, said:

"We welcome the decision taken by Sandwell MBC to adopt these important policies.

“We are pleased that through negotiation the authority has recognised that menstruation and menopause are both serious workplace issues.

“With women working longer it is only right that employers support their staff during what can be a very difficult time as they deal with physical and psychological symptoms.

“I am also pleased that Sandwell have agreed to work alongside members with disabilities, by creating an inclusive workplace where staff do not have to keep repeating themselves in order to be able to work with dignity.

“Once again GMB are ensuring equality asks are always at the forefront of what we do.”

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