Cumberland suicide rate climbs 'substantially'

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Tuesday 30 April 2024
GMB Trade Union - Cumberland suicide rate climbs 'substantially'

Cumberland’s suicide rate has risen ‘substantially’ – yet the Urgent Care Team’s job has not changed, the council claims.

Cumberland’s Urgent Care Team are in the midst of a two-week continuous strike in their fight for a proper job evaluation.

The social workers will also demonstrate outside a meeting of the full council today [Tuesday].

Cumberland Council’s annual public health report, which goes before councillors today, says: ‘worryingly, more recent unpublished data indicates that our suicide rate has continued to climb substantially over the last two years’

In July 2022, these dedicated professionals on the front line of mental health emergencies across Cumberland submitted an application for a regrading of their role, believing it was incorrectly evaluated.

Cumberland Council denied their request, claiming the role had not substantially changed.

More than 4,000 members of the public has signed a petition backing the Urgent Care Team’s campaign. [1]

Fran Robson, GMB Organiser, said:

“Cumberland faces a worrying rise in the suicide rate, putting more pressure on mental health services.

“Despite this, the council says our members' roles haven't changed much.

“The report tells a different story - it shows increased demands for mental health services without the resources to meet them.

GMB members deserve fair compensation for the increased demands they're facing.

“They won't stop fighting until they get the recognition they've earned. “

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