Devil will be in the detail for learners, support staff, teachers and leaders after Wales exams cancelled

10 Nov 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Wales Education Minister Kirsty Williams has today announced that GCSE, AS and A levels are cancelled for 20/21.

GMB and sister trade unions were advised in a meeting at 11am at the same time as Education leaders.

Nicola Savage, GMB Welsh education lead said : 

"This announcement presents more questions than it delivers, and really all we can say right now is that the devil will be in the detail for learners, support staff, teachers, and leaders. 

"Right now there will be a lot of teachers and students in shock and unsure about what today's announcement means for them, and the Education minister needs to move quickly to reassure them.

"Alongside teaching bodies we were informed about an hour before the announcement. We have worked well with Welsh Government ministers in every other department, so it's pretty disappointing that the Minister has decided to take this decision without proper engagement with stakeholders including trade unions.

"GMB expects the terms of reference for the delivery and design Group to be made available as soon as possible, and we urge the minister to reengage with all parties so that we work together to reassure education staff and students about what this will mean".

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