Durham sealant factory faces 6th strike day

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 25 July 2023
GMB Trade Union - Durham sealant factory faces 6th strike day

Durham workers making parts for the aviation industry are set for their sixth day of strike action on Friday in their fight for fair pay.

Dozens of GMB members at Nicholson's Sealing Technologies, in Stanley, will are set to walk out a further nine times across July and August after rejecting the company’s pay offer of 6.7 per cent and a one off payment.

Meanwhile Nicholson’s paid out £985,000 in dividends last year , an increase of £140,000 - more than 16 per cent – on the year before.

Laura Maughan, GMB Organiser, said:

“GMB Members at Nicholson’s are struggling to support their families due to low pay, while bosses shell out almost one million pounds in dividends.

"Workers have been left with no alternative but to strike, despite bully boy tactics from the company.

"Nicholson's has made no attempt to resolve this dispute. Instead, they’ve pulled dirty tricks like paying extra for agency workers and requesting untrained staff to cover skilled work - a potential health and safety risk.

“Our members are asking for their pay to reflect the skilled work they carry out. It’s time for the company to put egos aside and make every effort to resolve this dispute.

“It’s in their power to do so.”

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