Electricians 'ecstatic and empowered' after massive back pay award

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 3 March 2020
GMB Trade Union - Electricians 'ecstatic and empowered' after massive back pay award

GMB electricians across Sandwell are celebrating victory after a two-year struggle for the correct pay

After talks with Sandwell Council reached a stalemate, GMB electricians balloted for strike action along with their sister unions UNISON and Unite.

Just hours before the strike was due to start, the council admitted under-paying the electricians using a local pay scale and will now rectify their mistake with back-pay to 2018 – worth approximately £1,000 per worker.

Darren James, GMB Branch Secretary said:

“The safety of the Sandwell residents is always on the mind of our electricians, and being forced to consider strike action for a fair wage was a real shock and never what the council should have done.

“Luckily any disruption was averted and we’re ecstatic and empowered by the solidarity of our members and our sister unions.

“We hope this is the spark that inspires workers everywhere, that when we stand together we can win pay justice.

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