End wage discrimination

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Friday 1 June 2018
GMB Trade Union - End wage discrimination

Current banding means workers under 25 paid up to 46% lower than older colleagues

GMB Young Members have stepped up their campaign to end wage discrimination calling on the government to take action now by backing a Private Members’ Bill that will be debated in Parliament in July. ​

Currently, age banding in the National Minimum Wage system sees workers under 25 paid up to 46% lower than their older colleagues. 

This means younger workers – even those with more experience - are paid less than their older colleagues for doing the same job.

Millions of young workers are affected by these lower wage rates, many struggling with the same living costs as older colleagues whilst getting paid less for doing the same job.

GMB Young Members are calling on MPs to turn up to vote in favour of the change and help young people get the pay they deserve.

The Government's current policy of wage discrimination for under 25's is completely unfair, and shows no regard for the work and effort young people put in to helping this country's economy thrive.

We are the largest group now facing low pay and precarious hours, a combination that traps young people all across the country in in-work poverty.

We do not all live at home with our parents eating smashed avocado on toast – many of us have housing costs to pay and some work two jobs just to make ends meet.

Our bills are not 46% lower than anyone else’s, so why are our wages? We urge young workers across the country to contact their MP about this vital issue.

GMB Young Member’s Chair Ruth Pitchford

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