Energy plan looks like just another 'Boris promise'

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Monday 11 April 2022
GMB Trade Union - Energy plan looks like just another 'Boris promise'

Internal Tory party squabbles could kick things into long grass

The Government’s energy strategy looks like just another ‘Boris promise’, GMB’s General Secretary will tell members at Hinkley Point C today. 

Gary Smith is visiting the site of the new nuclear reactor, in Somerset, to meet GMB’s thousands of members working on the project. 

Hinkley Point C has already created more than 10,000 jobs since and is estimated to create a further 70,000. 

Gary Smith, GMB General Secretary, said: 

“Nuclear is critical to our energy future and GMB has long told Ministers there can be no net zero without new nuclear. 

“But, it’s 24 hours since the Prime Minister was here at Hinkley Point C and the questions over this so-called energy plan won’t go away. 

“Dangling the carrot of a new fleet of reactors and SMR’s may grab headlines today, but without a hard and fast timetable for construction, internal Tory party squabbles could still kick things into the long grass. 

“Offshore wind could provide a huge number of clean energy jobs here at home, but current practice is for UK projects to ship them overseas, leaving the nation open to ransom by despotic regimes. 

“It’s already looking like this plan could be just another Boris promise – here today, gone tomorrow. 

“The government has to get on with it, secure the UK’s energy future, and make sure the next generation doesn’t face the same crushing cost of living crisis.” 

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