Expansion in offshore wind jobs

07 Mar 2019
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GMB, the energy union, has responded to a Government announcement on offshore jobs.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy today said the number of green collar jobs in offshore wind was set to triple to 27,000 by 2030. [1] 

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary, said: 

“Trade unions are all about jobs, so any initiative that leads to more work, particularly for women who are currently underrepresented in the energy sector, is welcome. 

Companies in receipt of taxpayer subsidy must be required to source the work and jobs in the UK

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary: 

"The truth however is that to date the so-called 'green jobs revolution' has largely been a figment of the imagination of politicians of all parties and those pushing for an over reliance on renewables - with all the risks to our future energy supply and economic competitiveness.

“The track record so far has been one of work for foreign companies or poorly paid, casualised employment. Just ask the workers at BiFab in Fife about new green jobs and a just transition.


“If Claire Perry’s vision is actually to be achieved with decent, well-paid and skilled jobs, then the Government will need new rules about renewable energy sources.

"Companies in receipt of taxpayer subsidy must be required to source the work and jobs in the UK, with a strict condition they cannot be registered in tax havens.  

"The sector will also need to be covered by collective bargaining agreements.”

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