Fining Welsh workers ‘strikes the wrong chord’

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 21 December 2021
GMB Trade Union - Fining Welsh workers ‘strikes the wrong chord’

GMB union has criticised the Welsh Governments decision to fine workers who don’t work from home £60.

The union has raised concerns that bad employers were likely to exploit the rule to protect themselves from fines by placing liability on workers.

There are also further concerns that individuals may be impacted through personal circumstances may be forced from home to work.

Kelly Andrews, GMB senior organiser said:

“We think this strikes the wrong chord.

“We have major worries that this could lead to bad employers pressuring their workers to work away from home without a paper trail and place any financial risk on them.

“Those workers are also the most vulnerable and can least afford to take the financial hit.

“But the truth is for a lot of families a £60 fine over Christmas will have a severe financial impact”.

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