Fox's Glacier Mint workers strike over fire and rehire threat

13 Apr 2022
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Press Office

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Where: Valeo Snackfoods, Low Poppleton Lane, York, YO26 6AZ 


When: from 6am, 14 April 2022. 11.30am - 2.30pm for best visuals and photos 

Fox’s Glacier Mint workers will take a full day of strike action tomorrow [April 14] in anger at the company's fire and rehire threat. 

Staff at Valeo York, who also make Poppets and humbugs, mint assortments butter mints, rhubarb and custards and lemon sherberts for well-known supermarkets including M&S, will be joined by the Yorkshire Polar Bear and local councillors. 

Workers have been told by bosses they will be fired and re-hired unless they agree to a new contract which reduces their holiday and pay – which some have through fear of losing their job.  

Fire and rehire as a negotiating tactic has been roundly condemned by politicians of all stripes – including the Prime Minister.  

A mass GMB poll showed more than three quarters of the public want fire and rehire to be made illegal.  

Katherine Mitchell, GMB Organiser, said:  

“Our message to Valeo is simple - get back round the table to negotiate with us. 

“All these workers want a fair day’s pay for fair day’s work in a safe and respectful environment.  

“They are proud and skilled and want to make factory more profitable and produce high quality products.   

“While people are enjoying sweet treats this easter - consider workers that make them."   

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