Fuel crisis 'not national emergency', Government says

30 Sep 2021
Press Office

Press Office

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The fuel crisis which has left millions without petrol and emergency services unable to function is not a ‘national emergency’, according to a Government advisor. 

GMB Union had written to the Department for Transport calling for taxis to be classed as an essential service as the sector  - which transports patients to hospital and children to school - crumbles under the fuel crisis.  

In reply, a policy advisor said: “We’ve been advised that at this time the government is not implementing the prioritisation of fuel via the National Emergency Plan for Fuel as we are not in a national emergency.” 

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer, said: 

“The country is grinding to a halt; millions of people can’t get petrol, nurses and emergency service workers can’t get to patients and Christmas is halfway to being cancelled. 

“If this isn’t a national emergency what is? 

“The Conservatives have been in power for 11 years and done nothing to prevent this crisis. They’ve been asleep at the wheel. 

"Instead of ‘taking back control’, the Prime Minister is losing control and working people are paying the price yet again for his failures.” 


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