Full Larder in Somerset for GMB Members

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Friday 14 May 2021
GMB Trade Union - Full Larder in Somerset for GMB Members

After initially being faced with losing all their paid breaks in a consultation that members described as "being railroaded through", GMB reps have thrashed out a deal that members have now voted resoundingly in favour of a new deal.

Althought the union was not involved with the original deal, the enhanced package negotiated by GMB reps secures new enhanced pay for the weekend: time and a half on a Saturday, time and three quarters on Sunday, and double time on bank holidays.

As part of the deal that members voted for, members will also receive a decent four figure lump sum payment to buy-out their paid breaks, whilst still retaining break allowances in excess of the legal minimums.

Matt Roberts, GMB Organiser for HPC said:

"All things considered, this is a good outcome for GMB members that will put more money in their pockets in total.

"This is a huge progression from the proposal prior to GMB reps getting involved and challenging for a better deal -t he original offer was to lose the breaks and get nothing back.

"Now GMB members are getting four figure sums and weekend enhanced pay for the first time. I would like to thank all the workplace reps who were involved in winning this deal, and all the members for backing your union to win for you."

"Our members in Somerset Larder can now get back to serving 7,800 sausages a day, 99,700 eggs a month, and 316,000kg of beans a year to the good people at HPC."

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