GMB and Praxis Care sign exclusive recognition agreement

Posted by GMB Admin
Thursday 19 August 2021
GMB Trade Union - GMB and Praxis Care sign exclusive recognition agreement

GMB Union is proud to be the voice of our members in Praxis.

GMB, the union for care workers, has renewed an exclusive union recognition agreement with the Praxis Care in the UK and the Isle of Man.

The agreement means GMB will be the exclusive union Praxis Care will negotiate with in relation to employment matters, including pay and benefits, health and safety, organisational development and change.

Alan Perry, GMB Organiser, said:

“It has always been a core principle of GMB to ensure workers have a voice in their workplace and that voice is heard.

“GMB is proud to be the voice of our members in Praxis.

“We look forward to the establishment of the structures that will ensure every worker gets the opportunity to participate and influence developments in the workplace and our commitment to our members is that we will continue to put their interests to the forefront of everything we do.”

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Andy Mayhew, Praxis Care chief executive officer, said:

“Our agreement with GMB consolidates Praxis Care’s commitment to listening to the voice of our employees and consulting with them on operational developments.

“ This has long been a feature of our social contract with our employees.

“The relationship with the GMB has always been a positive one and this agreement builds on that working relationship.

“Ultimately both Praxis Care and GMB want what is best for our employees so that they can provide the best care possible to those 1,500 people we support.

“GMB is also able to hold a mirror up to the organisation to ensure that as we grow and develop we don’t lose sight of the need to support our people (their members) to deliver meaningful and worthwhile employment."

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