GMB Backs Vaughan Gething

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Friday 9 February 2024
GMB Trade Union - GMB Backs Vaughan Gething

GMB Union has backed Vaughan Gething to be Welsh Labour leader

GMB has nominated Vaughan Gething to be the next leader of Welsh Labour and First Minister of Wales.

This leadership election takes place at a high stakes moment for Wales and our movement, after we can think of no better steward of our nation than a former GMB shop steward.

That’s why we’re asking GMB members to vote for Vaughan for Welsh Labour Leader as soon as you receive your ballot


You can find out more and sign up to support his campaign here.

As a GMB member and activist for 27 years, a former GMB workplace rep, Wales TUC President, and a trade union lawyer, with Vaughan as leader we’d have a First Minister who would have our interests and values at the heart of everything he does.


He knows first-hand what it’s like to experience prejudice and discrimination, and has dedicated his career to fighting for social justice.

Please help to make sure that your GMB colleagues know about Vaughan's record of work with our union and our support for him in this election. One conversation can make all the difference.

With your support, we can build a hopeful future for Wales with Vaughan as First Minister working side by side as he always has with GMB and trade unions across Wales.

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