GMB calls for urgent decision on Translink funding

Posted by GMB Admin
Thursday 20 February 2020
GMB Trade Union - GMB calls for urgent decision on Translink funding

Workers' futures and the Northern Ireland economy are at stake

GMB, the union for transport workers in Northern Ireland, has called for an urgent decision on Translink funding.

A senior civil servant said the viability of Translink – Northern Ireland's public transport network – was "in jeopardy". [1]

Peter Macklin, GMB Organiser, said:

“The Northern Ireland Assembly need to make an urgent decision about funding for public transport in Norther Ireland.

“Not only does their indecision leave workers’ lives in limbo, but dithering risks letting Northern Ireland’s road system coming to a complete standstill – crippling the economy. 

“If Translink is allowed to collapse, it will not only impact our members’ jobs, but the jobs of thousands of workers who rely on public transport to travel to their places of work.

“Meanwhile many vulnerable people living in isolated areas, where the public transport system provides a vital service, will be left stranded.

“Finally, if the Assembly is committed to just transition to a zero carbon society, a publicly owned and fully funded public transport system is the only way to ensure these targets are met.”

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