Defence manufacturing giant Rolls-Royce faces strike threat

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Tuesday 23 January 2024
GMB Trade Union - Defence manufacturing giant Rolls-Royce faces strike threat

Rolls-Royce members working in the submarine sector will begin balloting for industrial action.

The vote at the Derby-based company comes as workers rejected the latest offer in an ongoing dispute on pay.

Rolls-Royce is a world leader in the field of submarine technology, as well as being the supplier to Britain’s domestic nuclear submarine fleet. In agreement with the company, any industrial action will not jeopardise the UK’s continuous at sea nuclear deterrent, safety of submarines or operational submarines at sea.

Workers will begin balloting on Monday 29 January with a result expected after four weeks.

GMB is Britain’s largest union in defence and nuclear manufacturing.

Mick Coppin, GMB Regional Organiser, said:

“These are highly skilled workers doing vital work for Britain’s defence infrastructure.

“They’ve been driven to balloting after months of managers stubbornly refusing to shift on pay, despite repeated attempts to get back around the table.

“Workers will now have their say on the next steps in their campaign to deliver the pay and recognition they deserve”.

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