GMB opens historic Judges' branch

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Monday 6 February 2023
GMB Trade Union - GMB opens historic Judges' branch

GMB is now the union for judges, after the first union branch in the country specifically for judges was opened this week. 

The branch consists of union members who work in the judiciary system, which is traditionally a sector without trade union representation. 

Following reports that the judicial appointment system is ‘institutionally discriminatory’ [1], GMB union will be seeking to ensure that judges are appointed in a transparent manner, which should lead to judges better reflecting UK society, as well as protecting the workplace rights; health, safety and welfare; and work-life balance of those working in the judiciary. 

Stuart Fegan, GMB Senior Organiser said:

“Judges are workers and are subject to the same rules as any other worker in the United Kingdom. 

“Accordingly, they can be subjected to the same treatments, such as bullying, harassment and discrimination and are entitled to the same advice, support and assistance from a trade union. 

“There is a perception that judges are treated like Kings and Queens and therefore any poor terms of employment or working conditions should be seen as part and parcel of that, but that is simply wrong.

"These are workers who are funded by taxpayers and as such if we want our judiciary to be the best in the world we need to ensure that our judges are treated fairly.

“As the only trade union branch dedicated to workers in the judiciary system, this is an historic moment and GMB looks forward to working with members new and old to make work better for those who seek to uphold the law for the rest of us.”


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