GMB responds to Speaker's conference report

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Thursday 20 July 2023
GMB Trade Union - GMB responds to Speaker's conference report

GMB, the union for Parliamentary staff, has responded to the Speaker’s Conference report into MP’s staff arrangements.

Jenny Symmons, Chair of GMB Branch for Members' Staff, said:

“Some of the recommendations in this report will radically change the working conditions and experience of members' staff, such as the expanded reach of the House HR Team.

“We are delighted efforts will be made to introduce continuity of service - a key ask from GMB that will resolve the lack of access to redundancy and leave when staff move between MPs' offices.

“We're also grateful to see our concerns about staff salaries being declared as ‘expenses’ or ‘business costs’ be acknowledged.

“Publication of spending costs and the potential backlash is a common factor in MPs paying their staff less than is fair.

“However, serious issues remain present for our members that are not solved by recommendations in the report.

“Until we bring our structures of employment into line with other workplaces, MPs' staff will not have adequate protection from the abuses of power that are far too prevalent.

“GMB’s campaign for major reforms that create standardised, secure employment for MPs' staff continues."

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