GMB response to National Grid future energy scenarios

27 Jul 2020
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Press Office

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GMB, the energy union, has responded to the National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios analysis.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary,  said: 

“With the right energy mix, government planning and financial support, net zero could drive economic recovery and growth across the whole country.

“This means recognising that the economic benefits of the so-called 'green revolution' have been largely missed for Britain and learning those lessons so we do not have another decade of lost renewables opportunities .

“To have credibility with the public, and to get their support, then the who pays and how question must be immediately addressed. This means confirmation from government that net zero will be paid for out of general taxes and not loaded into citizens energy bills as is the case now. 

“UK taxpayers will not stand for a green poll tax. Neither will they pay thousands of pounds, nor suffer the disruption to their houses, to rip out gas central heating systems in order to fit electric heat pumps that cost them more to run - especially when they’ve.not been properly asked their views first as is currently the case.

“Green hydrogen gas and new nuclear have to be part of the mix, or net zero will fail. "Blending hydrogen into the gas grid must be accelerated as the next step to decarbonising the heating of 24 million homes; and the go ahead given now for new nuclear power stations at Sizewell in Suffolk, Moorside in Cumbria and Bradwell in Essex so we have enough reliable zero carbon power.”

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