Government must ‘level up’ on workers’ rights’, warns GMB as Brexit deal reached

24 Dec 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Government must commit to protecting and improving jobs and rights and building back better in UK

GMB warns it will be holding Government to its promises of increasing UK workers’ rights and standards as we leave the EU and confirms that EU employment standards are the global benchmark upon which the UK Government must improve as a Brexit deal was announced today.

The road to economic recovery from Covid-19 and EU Exit must be built on UK doing better.

Better workers’ rights, a serious and inclusive industrial strategy with the voice of workers at its heart, better targeted investment in UK jobs, skills and industry and better use of public contracting to promote further UK jobs, improve working conditions and drive regeneration across the country - no lowest price wins, best jobs/economic outcome must be the rule of thumb.

GMB is now calling on the Government to use all the tools in the box - public procurement, trade policy, state aid and other Government support measures - to protect and promote good and stable jobs across the UK to navigate the acute economic challenges ahead.

Warren Kenny, Acting GMB General Secretary, said:

“The Prime Minister has got his deal, the buck stops with Number 10 now.

“He needs to deliver on the promises he made.

“For too long, jester Johnson has been playing to the political gallery over our departure from the EU, it is now time for him to address the economic and jobs reality of this decision.

“He must give workers and business leaders the clarity and support they have lacked for the past five years.

“If the Government is serious about building back better, then they need to build back better in the UK. That means levelling up on workers’ rights.

“There can be no more excuses, no more hiding behind the EU for Government inaction.

“In everything from public and health services to renewables and energy infrastructure, shipbuilding and steel, we demand Ministers to follow through on their promises. Workers across the UK want and deserve better.”

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