Ground-breaking deal struck with lap-dancing club

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Friday 21 June 2019
GMB Trade Union - Ground-breaking deal struck with lap-dancing club

Workers in lap dancing venues should have a say in their livelihood like everyone else

Dancers and staff at Glasgow lap dancing venue Seventh Heaven will now be able to bargain collectively over their terms and conditions at work following the signing of a recognition agreement between their employer and GMB Scotland.

The agreement formalises the presence of a recognised trade union within the industry for the first time in Scotland and will cover all aspects of the employment contract, including annual pay negotiations, disciplinary and grievance procedures and health and safety at work.

It’s an important milestone in the union’s organising efforts of workers across Glasgow’s lap dancing bars and wider adult entertainment sector, and at time when Glasgow City Council has launched a public consultation over the future licensing regulations of the city’s lap dancing venues.

Rhea Wolfson, GMB Scotland Organiser, said:

“Workers should always have a voice over decisions that affect their livelihoods; dancers and staff in our lap dancing venues should be no different which is why we are delighted to get this agreement signed.

“This is bread and butter trade unionism and if people look beyond the intrigue they’ll see this agreement gives our members a framework to collectively bargain over their terms and conditions of employment – the same is it would in any other workplace.

“It is also important as we head into a consultation period concerning the licensing of Glasgow’s lap dancing venues that workers in the sector have a banner under which they can organise with confidence and make their voices heard over the future of their livelihoods.

“This agreement is good news for employees at Seventh Heaven and good news for our campaign to improve standards across the wider adult entertainment sector in Glasgow.”

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