Heathrow workers hammered by 200 per cent parking fee hike

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Wednesday 20 December 2023
GMB Trade Union - Heathrow workers hammered by 200 per cent parking fee hike

Workers in tears over cost fears

Hard-up Heathrow workers are set to be hammered by a 200 per cent hike in car parking-charges.

GMB members working for third-party contractors at the airport have been told their monthly parking tariffs will rocket from £27.19 to £81.05 per month on Jan 1 – an increase of 198 per cent.

At least 1,000 low-paid will be affected by the move.

One worker, who asked not to be named, phoned GMB in tears and said:

"Going to work by car at Heathrow will become to expensive.

“I do unsociable shifts so alternative transport is not an option, plus I have to drop my children off at my parents’ house before I start my shifts.

“This is just so unfair to raise the staff car parking charges this high.”

Perry Phillips, GMB Regional Organiser, said:

“GMB has been inundated with calls from worried members who have been told that their staff car parking tariffs will treble.

“They’re going to end up in financial trouble just for going to work – it’s outrageous.

“We’ve written to Heathrow senior management asking for their rationale.

“Why have excessively raised the staff parking tariffs for these low paid workers?

“This will create great hardship for many workers and their families especially being told just before Christmas – Heathrow must urgently reconsider.”

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