Hinkley Point supply engineers strike

14 Jun 2022
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Plating engineers creating products to supply to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station go on strike today [13 June] in a pay dispute. 

Dozens of workers at Darchem Engineering, in Stockton-Upon-Tees, will walk out today after welders working for same firm were given an additional pay supplement , while the engineers weren’t. 

Further strikes are planned for 20,21,28 and 29 June. 

Industrial action could lead to big delays at Hinkley Point C – the £25 billion nuclear reactor in Somerset. 

Chris Preston, GMB Organiser, said: 

“All our members want is the pay gap between themselves and the Welders to remain as it has done for a number of years. 

“GMB fully understands the impact this dispute may have on the Hinkley Point contract.  

“Several times we’ve requested bosses speak directly to workers and tell them why they’re not treating workers equally. 

“There is a shortage of these plating engineers in the North East and the company’s attitude is likely to make them want to leave. 

“Giving them the same supplement paid to the Welders who they work alongside would hardly make a dent in their reported £17 million profits or £69 million shareholder fund. 

"GMB has told the company we are willing to settle this dispute via sensible discussions ,however so far the employer have refused to meet with us.” 

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