Hospital staff 'left in tears' over lack of PPE

Posted by GMB Admin
Friday 3 April 2020
GMB Trade Union - Hospital staff 'left in tears' over lack of PPE

Frightened Great Western Hospital staff have been ‘left in tears’ after looking after Covid-19 positive patients without proper PPE

Workers at the hospitals are dealing directly with patients who are either showing symptoms of the Coronavirus or, those having been diagnosed with Covid-19 without being issued adequate and appropriate protective equipment.

They report patients coughing uncontrollably on them, leaving droplets of spit on their hair, face, neck and arms.

Nursing staff say they are ‘terrified ‘and concerned not only for their own health but, that of family as well.

GMB is demanding all frontline healthcare are supplied with the correct PPE immediately.

Asia Allison, GMB Regional Organiser, said:

"GWH staff say they are terrified, working day-to-day knowing the chance of them catching coronavirus due to inadequate personal protective equipment becomes more likely on every shift.

“We are anxious the hospital is more concerned with creating what looks like a harmonious atmosphere rather than prioritising measures to protect patients and staff.

“GMB members know and accept they have a responsibility to help patients, save lives and reduce suffering and they do so willingly.

“But at the very least they deserve fit and proper protection whilst at work in return.

GMB will work tirelessly to ensure that PPE issues are sorted and we give those charged with our care the protection they deserve to do just that.”

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