Households shouldn't pay for sewage dumping

Posted by GMB Admin
Thursday 18 May 2023
GMB Trade Union - Households shouldn't pay for sewage dumping

GMB, the union for water workers, says households shouldn’t be forced to pay for water company cock ups.

England’s water and sewage companies have today apologised over sewage spills and said they were ready to invest an additional £10 billion - but this could mean higher bills.

GMB has long campaigned for water companies to be held more accountable for dumping raw sewage in England’s seas and waterways. [2]

Gary Carter, GMB National Officer, said:

"Householders can’t be expected to pay for years of water company cock ups.

“England's waterways are in crisis and the water companies' solution is the public should pay. That’s outrageous.

“Shareholders have been paid huge dividends and they should be putting the money in, not the taxpayer.

“Water company chief executives are paid millions yet have the audacity to ask householders to pay more.

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