Hundreds of gas emergency workers to strike

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Tuesday 26 March 2024
GMB Trade Union - Hundreds of gas emergency workers to strike

Hundreds of gas emergency workers are set to strike across Yorkshire.

A majority of 99.5% per cent of workers at Northern Gas Network (NGN) voted to take industrial action on a 97 per cent turnout.

Workers are angry after the company failed to implement necessary improvements to terms and conditions and safety changes.

GMB has been raising concerns over working practices for a number of years. Concerns include engineers being forced to work excessive hours and a culture of workplace bullying.

These concerns were so serious that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stepped in and ordered NGN and other gas distribution companies to limit shift length to a maximum of twelve hours.

GMB are concerned for both public and worker safety.

GMB representatives have been negotiating with NGN to address the shift length alongside other terms and conditions, but due to NGN’s failure to respond in a timely manner workers took the decision to ballot.

The industrial action could potentially take place in the spring.

Andrew Aldwinkle, GMB Organiser, said:

“These workers put their lives on the line daily to protect the public and keep the heating on - but they are consistently over tired and undermined.

“We are convinced the public would be appalled by how these front-line workers are treated.

“This huge mandate for industrial action shows just how strongly our members feel about NGN’s attitude.

“It’s time that this multi-million company did the responsible thing and paid these workers properly for a decent working week and improve their conditions.”

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