Hundreds of school children lose hot school dinners

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Thursday 25 April 2024
GMB Trade Union - Hundreds of school children lose hot school dinners

Hundreds of school children in North Tyneside face weeks with no hot dinners

Around 200 Year 7 pupils from Churchill Community College were being taught at Monkseaton High School while their own building was checked after the roof fell in at another school. [Fordley Primary School]

With GCSE exams looming, Monkseaton needs more space – so from 7 May Churchill pupils will be forced to move to an empty office building [Cobalt Business Exchange building] with no specialist learning equipment.

North Tyneside council has also warned parents and carers children will only be provided with a ‘cold food service’.

Craig Thompson, GMB Activist, said:

“We know from bitter experience school dinners are the only proper meal many Churchill children get all day.

“Families can’t have that taken away from them.

"This is clearly an unusual and difficult situation for all concerned, but North Tyneside must look for a way to ensure these children continue to get the hot schol dinner they need.”

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