Industrial action woes escalate for defence giant Rolls Royce

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Tuesday 11 June 2024
GMB Trade Union - Industrial action woes escalate for defence giant Rolls Royce

Workers will refuse overtime work in the ongoing dispute over pay and conditions.

GMB union has today announced that members at Rolls Royce’s submarine programme in Derby have backed an escalation in the ongoing industrial action facing the company.

Workers will now engage in an overtime ban, meaning company managers will not be able to call on staff to fulfil already groaning order books outside of contracted hours.

An overtime ban will come into place from Friday 31 May for one month.

Mick Coppin, GMB Organiser, said:

“Rolls Royce is a British institution as well as being a hugely profitable company.

“Sadly Rolls Royce bosses have refused to do what’s right by the high skilled and dedicated workforce that do so much for Rolls Royce.

“All whilst the UK should be promoting it’s manufacturing capabilities across the globe.

“An overtime ban will have a huge impact on company orders at a time when order books are groaning.

“It’s time to end this and get back around the table with an offer that respects the vital contribution these workers make”.

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