It's time for fair and decent pay for our nurses

04 Aug 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB Union express full solidarity with NHS Nurses National action against low pay in the NHS.

Nurses pay has been held down for years which is why GMB Union refused to accept the last 3 year pay deal which failed to reward the most experienced nurses in the NHS.

There is a far greater public understanding of the key role that nurses and other health workers play due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nurses and other health workers saved the life of the prime minister and GMB Union supports them in their demand for this government to play fair and reward them properly for the important work that they do.

The Tory government want to reward nurses sacrifice by handclaps.

Clapping won’t pay the bills or put food on the table for NHS workers who are sinking into poverty because pay is being pushed downward.

GMB and other unions will fight for what they really need, fair and decent pay.

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