Labour Party tells unions: No need for compulsory redundancies

03 Sep 2021
Press Office

Press Office

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Following the closure of the voluntary severance scheme and discussions between the Labour Party and the unions GMB and UNITE -  the Labour Party confirmed today [September 3, 2021] there will be no need to consider compulsory redundancies as part of the Organised to Win Re-organisation.

Whilst the unions are disappointed approximately 80 of their members will be leaving the Labour Party during the next month they are pleased that the members strength of feeling demonstrated through the indicative ballots  has resulted in the assurance that compulsory redundancies will not be considered.

The unions’ focus can now shift to supporting the remaining staff through the re-organisation as it moves forward.

Vaughan West, GMB Regional Organiser, said:

“It remains disappointing that hard-working Labour Party staff members were placed in this situation  - but we are relieved that we have received assurances that compulsory redundancies will now not need to be considered. 

“We will continue to support our members through the leaving process and those that remain will continue to be supported as the Party seeks to move to a new structure over the coming months.”

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