Matalan safety claims 'categorically untrue'

31 Mar 2020
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Press Office

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It does not bode well that Matalan appears to believe no further safety action is required

GMB says safety claims made by Matalan in the wake of their move to offer all staff furlough payments are categorically untrue. 

The company said GMB officials had declared the site safe to work – which is totally inaccurate. 

Shaun Buckley, GMB Organiser, said: 

"It is categorically untrue to say GMB has declared the Matalan site safe.  

“I personally visited the site yesterday during a skeleton shift and observed social distancing measures were in place, but I've raised concerns about social distancing protocols for when the site has three hundred staff rather than a third of that number as was the case yesterday.  

"We do welcome the measures that have been implemented already that include staggering shift changeover times to reduce congestion. 

"I made further recommendations about limiting the number of workers in certain busy areas to ensure distancing, staggering shift changeover times to reduce congestion, and on the availability of hand sanitiser and protective gloves.  

“The company has given undertakings that they will address these concerns, and that hand sanitiser and gloves will eventually arrive - but we'll believe it when we see it.  

“It does not bode well that Matalan appears to believe no further action is required to create a safe working environment.” 

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