Military staff drafted to ambulance service unable to help injured on call outs

15 Dec 2021
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GMB Union is calling for training for military staff assisting the overburdened Wales Ambulance Service.  

Massive pressures due to chronic understaffing and fall out from the pandemic have led to the Army being drafted in to aid ambulance staff in Wales.

Instead of specialised training, personnel were only given a two-day familiarisation course.  

This has meant when emergency workers attend a call out, armed forces personnel are often unable to aid in response procedures, leading to distressing consequences.  

Anecdotally, GMB has been told stressed defence staff are taking sick leave after attending call outs.  

GMB believes that any member of the armed forces assisting ambulance staff deserve proper training, so that they can effectively assist in callouts. 

Nathan Holman, GMB Organiser, said:  

“Frankly, our military personnel deserve better.  

“This is a training issue, not a personnel issue – and they need the training to be able to assist effectively.  

“Our military should not be left as frustrated bystanders, we should give them the tools to be as effective as they can be and that should be in the form of the correct training, not a two-day taster course. 

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