National disability strategy an 'historic missed opportunity'

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 28 July 2021
GMB Trade Union - National disability strategy an 'historic missed opportunity'

This was a real chance to help enable disabled workers to thrive

GMB Union has described the Government’s disability strategy as a ‘historic missed opportunity'

The ‘scattergun’ document failed to set out the radical new policies that would improve the world of work for disabled workers, the union said.   

Nell Andrew, GMB National Equality and Inclusion Officer, said: 

"Disabled workers, and disabled people who want to work, too often face ignorance, prejudice, inadequate services, and employers who fail to comply with their legal duties. 

"The publication of the National Disability Strategy was a real opportunity to set out the radical policies that would enable disabled workers to thrive. Instead, it will be remembered as an historic missed opportunity. 

"We needed a firm commitment to introduce mandatory disability pay gap reporting, a comprehensive reasonable adjustments passport scheme, and a plan for rebuilding the UK’s supported employment network – but the most important decisions have been ducked or delayed.  

"Disabled workers are at an even higher risk of discrimination during the pandemic, and GMB will not stop campaigning until equality has been won in the workplace and is incorporated into all Government policies."

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