'National Grid' needs investment following black out fines

08 Jan 2020
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Press Office

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GMB, the energy union, says National Grid needs investment as three firms were fined for the summers’ blackout.

Three energy companies will pay a combined £10.5m for failing to prevent a power cut after a lightning strike last summer that left more than 1 million customers in the dark and led to travel problems across large parts of the UK

The blast brought down two generators more than 100 miles part, according to the Grid.

GMB says the Government must ensure National Grid maintains an adequate margin of spare capacity to cope with unexpected outages – including breakdowns and the intermittent nature of renewables. 

The transition to a zero/ low carbon economy is not a cheap option and must be paid for from progressive general taxation, rather than from households energy bills, as it is now. 

Stuart Fegan, GMB National Officer, said

“National Grid must make sure it has enough spare capacity to cope with unexpected outages – which will only become more frequent as we switch over to renewables.

“We need investment and the continuation of a balanced energy mix.

“Reasonably priced, reliable energy is not an optional extra in our low carbon future – it is an essential right.

“The reliable, ultra-low carbon electricity from new nuclear power stations will be vital not only during the transition to a zero carbon world, but to ensure continuity in our electricity supply once we get there.  Some green groups have yet to face up to this reality.”

“A private monopoly like National Grid is not the best way of ensuring that the lights are kept on. It is time that this part of the National Grid was brought into the public sector.”

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