NHS bosses are trying to gag staff from speaking out during election

Posted by GMB Admin
Sunday 10 November 2019
GMB Trade Union - NHS bosses are trying to gag staff from speaking out during election

NHS bosses are trying to ‘gag’ staff during the general election.

Health service workers are being told they must not take part in ‘debates, activities and events that may be politically controversial’.

A letter has been sent to workers from Ambulance and NHS Trusts across the country.

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The NHS has been ravaged by brutal Conservative cuts since 2010, with many staff saying the service is close to breaking point.

GMB Union says banning them from speaking out over Tory cuts amounts to gagging free speech.

Rachel Harrison, GMB National Officer, said:

“For nearly a decade, our members have witnessed first-hand sustained damage to the NHS at the hands of a Conservative Government - while they've suffered a decade of real terms pay cuts.

“Our health service is at breaking point thanks to years of Tory mistreatment. And it’s at risk of being sold out further as Boris Johnson prepares to offer it up on a plate to Donald Trump and fails to rule out further privatisation.

“Now they are being told they can’t talk about it in case it’s politically sensitive. Our members are being gagged from revealing to the public the real threat posed by the Tories to our NHS.

“The voices of our dedicated public service workers must be allowed to be heard.”

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