Nursery staff cash bung ‘kick in the teeth’ say workers

Posted by GMB Admin
Monday 4 March 2024
GMB Trade Union - Nursery staff cash bung ‘kick in the teeth’ say workers

A cash incentive for nursery workers intended to solve the staffing crisis is ‘a kick in the teeth’, workers say.

The £1,000 cash incentive has been announced today [Monday] as part of Government plans to recruit more staff. 

Hayley Doyle, Nursery Assistant, said:

“My colleagues and I are furious about this bung - it’s a kick in the teeth.

“We’ve worked for years on low pay and with limited career options.

“We can’t get training because we’re so horrendously short staffed - and are often labelled glorified babysitters despite being highly skilled, experienced educators.

“If the Government thinks a quick cash bung will sort the early years crisis, they’re wrong.

“If anything we feel more undervalued and more likely to leave.

“What we need is vastly improved levels of pay linked to career progression that recognises the work we do.”

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