'PM must put Brexit plan to people'

25 Sep 2018
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Press Office

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GMB general secretary Tim Roache, today told Labour conference the Prime Minister must put Brexit proposals to a public vote.

The union leader added if Theresa May can’t get a deal that works for working people she must step aside.

Mr Roache made the comments and as he moved Moving 'Composite Motion 5 - Brexit' at Labour Party Conference in Liverpool today.

If Theresa May is so confident in achieving a deal that working people, our economy and communities will benefit from then she should have nothing to fear from putting that to the test.   

It’s what we do as trade unionists - day in, day out we negotiate the best possible deal for our members before going back to see if they approve. 

Because the reality out there is that in ports, in food, in manufacturing, in pharmaceuticals, in energy, in health – right across our economy - workers and employers alike are telling me that there is no plan.

I have no faith in this government to get the deal we need to address those issues.  No faith the government will pass Labour’s six tests.

If Theresa May can’t get a deal that works for working people, then she must step aside.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary

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