Private sector care workers three times more likely to be on zero hours contracts

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Thursday 25 April 2019
GMB Trade Union - Private sector care workers three times more likely to be on zero hours contracts

Sobering statistics show a lack of funding putting care sector in danger

Care workers in the private sector are three times more likely to be on a zero hours contract than those in the public sector, GMB analysis reveals.

Those working for private care companies in England earn 17% lower than their public sector counterparts and four in ten leave their job every year.

In addition, more than 50 per cent of private carers have no relevant social care qualifications, compared with less than 20% in the public sector.

The sobering statistics come from GMB analysis of the national Skills For Care database.



Workforce jobs (headcount)



% on zero hours contracts



Average pay per hour (£)



Average annual pay (£)



% with no relevant social care qualifications



Annual turnover rate (%)



% employed in sector for less than two years



Average annual sick days = 0 (% of workforce)



During an Opposition Day Debate on Social Care Funding secured by Labour today, politicians are discussing the impacts of the Government’s £7billion cuts to social care - and demanding its long-delayed Green Paper into the care crisis is finally published.

MPs warned last year that local authorities are providing 'only small yearly fee uplifts' to private providers and that fee levels 'are still below the benchmark costs of care.' 

Instead of taking action to deal with the UK’s care catastrophe, the Government is gambling all our futures on a Green Paper that doesn’t even exist yet.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary, said:

“These sobering statistics show a lack of funding in the care sector is putting the profession - and all of our futures – in serious danger.

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“Recruiting and retaining quality staff to tight budgets is one of the most challenging issues providers are facing.

 “This Government is bungling Brexit and can’t even get it together to publish its long-awaited Green Paper on social care.

“We need action - GMB is now calling for special status for our EU care workers so we can continue to care for vulnerable people regardless of what happens with Brexit.”

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