Response to NHS pension tax proposals

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Thursday 8 August 2019
GMB Trade Union - Response to NHS pension tax proposals

This is a missed opportunity to address an issue that affects many

GMB has responded to proposed changes to the NHS pension taxation

George Georgiou, GMB Pensions Officer, said:

“GMB is extremely disappointed to see the Government has been selective in proposing flexibility for senior clinicians only in the NHS Pension Scheme.

“It’s not only senior clinicians that are deserving of flexibility. Evidence shows those at the lower end of the pay scale require it in order to avoid them exiting the scheme.

“NHS pension scheme statistics show only 0.56% of senior clinicians exit the pension scheme but more than 60% of those of earning below £20,000 do – many for financial reasons. 

“These issues have been discussed at the NHS pension scheme advisory board - but the Government has not taken those discussions into account.

“This is a missed opportunity to address an issue that affects the many and we are sad to see the consultation focus on the few. 

“We believe directing the scheme at senior consultants only, rather than other high-paid staff and especially the low paid, is wrong and more likely to fall foul of equalities legislation given the makeup of the consultant body.

“Much as we welcome - and have campaigned for - pension flexibility, we believe it should apply to all those in the NHS pension scheme. Doctors are not a special case in this regard.”

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