Significant moment’ in Glasgow equal pay claim

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Thursday 17 January 2019
GMB Trade Union - Significant moment’ in Glasgow equal pay claim

Agreement shows recognition of the value of city's women

It was confirmed today that Glasgow City Council and the Joint Claimant Organisations, GMB, Unison, Unite and Action 4 Equality, have reached an agreement that will lead to the settlement of 14,000 equal pay claims.

GMB Scotland Organiser Hazel Nolan said: 

“This is a significant moment and is recognition of the value of women in this city, brought about by the women themselves understanding their own value and fighting for it together.

“Much will be said about the scale of the settlement reached but when you’re a worker on a wage what you’re selling ultimately is your time, and decades of systematic gender discrimination meant that women in Glasgow were forced to work longer hours for less.

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“We need to be clear that this can only financially compensate women for the time stolen from them, the time that could have been spent with their families and loved ones can’t be repaid.

“What is important now is that the claimants and their families can have confidence in this agreement and in the process of delivery in the coming weeks and months.”

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