Slap for carers in Wales

03 Jun 2020
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Press Office

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GMB the union for social care staff, is calling for the Westminster Government to reconsider exempting the £500 bonus payment to make it tax free for the Social care workforce.

The Welsh Government has promised all social care staff in wales a one off, tax free, £500 payment in recognition of all their hard work in fighting COVID 19.

However, the Treasury in London is now insisting the payment is not exempt from tax because ‘it is made in connection with employment’ -  a move GMB describes as picking the pockets of hard-working care staff. 

GMB is calling on the Welsh Government to step in and ensure that hard pressed care staff receive the full recognition they were promised. 

Kelly Andrews, GMB Social Care Lead, said: 

“This is a real slap for our carers. This payment was a thank you in recognition to workforce, but it seems as though the Chancellor is determined to pick their pockets to take a share for himself. 

“Although the country is no longer clapping for Carers, we cannot forget the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that this workforce has made over the COVID19 Crisis, Social care is a highly skilled  workforce and deserve so much more than this.”

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