Swissport makes 3,000 redundant after refusing to use extended furlough scheme

16 Nov 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Thousands are facing Christmas with no job thanks to Swissport’s intractable attitude

Swissport have pressed ahead with mass redundancies which came into effect on the 31st October despite GMB calls to reinstate the workers and furlough them instead.

The redundancies were announced before the Government’s belated extension to the furlough scheme and were based on flight scheduling predictions before hopes of a successful vaccine were announced.

GMB formally wrote to Swissport to request that those earmarked for redundancy be put on furlough instead.

The company refused, citing delays to the furlough announcement and lack of clarity over the application of the scheme as reasons for not accessing it.

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, said:

“This is a devastating blow for thousands of our members.

“Some of the blame must lie with the Government for ignoring the needs of the economy before making a screeching u-turn at the last minute.

“But ultimately thousands are now facing the prospect of a joyless Christmas with no job thanks to Swissport.”

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