Uber must not be allowed to ‘dodge their responsibilities’

24 Feb 2021
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Landmark ruling now needs Government to act on its commitments to clampdown on bogus self-employment

After the Government faced an urgent question in the Commons today on GMB’s landmark Supreme Court victory over Uber, the union has called for the Ministers to act now to enforce the verdict.

MPs from all parties including from the Government joined the union in calling for the Government to act on previous commitments to clampdown on bogus self-employment.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer said:

“The Government must enforce the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling not just in relation to Uber but across the gig economy.

“An important precedent has been determined through GMB’s long and successful battle – the gig’s up for bogus self-employment.

“The Prime Minister has so far failed to take forward previous Tory commitments to bring forward legislation on ending bogus self-employment.

“The time for dither and delay is over – we need to see real action to ensure greater protection and security for workers.”

Andy McDonald MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights said:

“I commend the GMB for its continuous fight for rights for millions of workers in the gig economy. Uber and other employers should not be allowed to ignore this ruling and dodge their responsibilities.

“Millions of people in the gig economy are in fragile and insecure work with one-sided flexibility, which is bad for those workers, bad for the economy, and, as we’ve seen from this pandemic, a disaster for public health.

“The Government cannot abrogate its responsibility by telling workers to fight for their basic protection through the courts. They must enforce the ruling of the Supreme Court and legislate to ban exploitative practices like bogus self-employment to bring protection and security to all workers.”

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