Unions and Bristol Waste strike deal

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Monday 19 October 2020
GMB Trade Union - Unions and Bristol Waste strike deal

GMB and sister unions have signed a recognition deal with Bristol Waste allowing workers greater say in how the company is run

Staff at Bristol Waste will now be able to bargain collectively over their terms and conditions at work following the signing of a recognition agreement between their employer and GMB. 

The agreement formalises the presence of a recognised trade union within the industry and will cover all aspects of the employment contract, including annual pay negotiations, disciplinary and grievance procedures and health and safety at work. 

Along with sister Unions Unison and Unite, GMB signed the agreement at Bristol Waste’s Albert Rd Ops Canteen. Bristol Councillor Tom Brook and Non-executive director Tom Spaul, were also in attendance. 

Blaine Bartlett, GMB Representative at Bristol Waste said: 

“I'm delighted to have recognition agreement with full collective bargaining and set procedures and facilities for organising and working for our members. 

“This will be a step forward for both our members and the company, giving us a formalised structure to discuss any issues and work together to take Bristol Water from strength to strength."

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